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    Become Productive Sooner
  • Kiss Legacy Goodbye

    Tivity brings Legacy data to your desktop
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    Submit batch jobs from Windows
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  • "Tivity shortens the time we spend on pulling data for all projects. The outcome is much better than the ISPF interface.

    It makes SAS easier to learn."


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  • We have just released Tivity Desktop Rel. 1.1.0 with significant enhancements, usability improvements and a fresh new look.

    Please contact your Support representative for documentation and download instructions.

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Why Tivity?

  • Corporate data resides on many platforms, including mainframes, midrange systems as well as UNIX and Windows servers. Actuaries, Data Analysts and other users have to navigate all of these systems in order to access the data they need to do their job. Learning the archaic user interfaces of legacy systems requires a significant amount of time and effort.

    About Tivity

    Tivity is a Windows application with a web server backend. It allows users to access files on a variety of platforms as if they were on their PC. Users can even submit and monitor jobs on IBM mainframes to generate data and access their output.

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Tivity Overview

  • Click on the video to learn what Tivity is all about.

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